SKY247 Apk Download for Android and iPhone (App)

Last update on: 18 Jan 2023

The Indian bookmaker Sky247, which has been operating for a significant amount of time, has been awarded a Curacao license. Users are now authorized to participate in baseball and other sports betting games. The domain of this license extends to include both online casino games and sports betting of all kinds, including cricket. Our Sky247 betting site is accessible through a mobile device, which the Sky247 firm may use. Because of the nature of gaming software, you will not be able to find this application in a software store; instead, you will need to download it from the official website to use it.

SKY247 App for Android

Sky247 App for Android

Sky247 also has an Android app that players can use to make betting and using the app easier. First, you need to go to the Sky247 website, download the APK file, and install it.

System Requirements

The Sky247 Android APP mobile works with Android 6.0 and higher, and the software is only 100-200MB in size. The software takes up very little memory and runs smoothly on most Android phones.


Sky247 Android Mobile supports activation of all brands of Android phones, including:

  • Huawei series
  • Xiaomi series
  • OPPO series
  • Samsung series
  • Honor series, etc.

Download for Android


Download the Sky247 app

Open the official Sky247 website, find and click on the download link for the mobile version.


Go to the settings of your device

Open your phone settings to allow foreign applications to be installed.


Complete the download process

Wait for the Android APK file to finish downloading.


Confirm the file installation

Click on the installation package to install it, and after that, you can get the software for mobile.

SKY247 App for iOS

Sky247 App for iOS

Apple mobile players can also use the IOS version of the mobile terminal to place bets.

System requirements

Sky247 App IOS Mobile requires IOS 8+, and the size of the software is around 100MB. The software requires more than 1G of running memory. All commonly used Apple phones can use effectively.

Supported iOS devices

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8s
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 11 
  • Ipad 4 
  • Ipad 5 
  • Ipad 6

Download for iOS (iPhone, iPad)


Go to the Apple Store

All applications for Apple devices need to be downloaded through the Apple Store.


Search for Sky247

You need to search Sky247 in the Apple Store.


Download App or Play on Web Version

After you click Get the app and enter the verification password, you can see that the download is in progress, you just need to wait for the download to complete and it will install automatically.

About SKY247 App

If the player is interested in seeing the mobile version of the Sky247 website, they may do so here. Users have to go to the official Sky247 website. On any mobile device, open the browser and type in the address of the official website. This mobile version has all of the same features as the main site. Here, you can play betting games about any sport you want. You can take part by placing bets. You will get a bonus if you win the game. You can have a lot of fun with the thrills that online casinos offer. You can also pass any in any way that the platform lets you. Put money in and take it out.

The official Sky247 website has a unique red and black design that keeps your eyes from getting too tired after long periods of viewing. Also, the interface’s navigation has been greatly improved so that it works well on phones with small screens. The most important parts of the mobile version of the software are:

  • Top block. All of the main functions and buttons are on the control panel at the very top. On the right, there are places to sign up and log in. On the left, you can enter your authorized key. There is a special button that you can turn on to change any basic settings. From this menu, you can link to the main parts of each project.
  • Navigation. Below the top frame, there are sections for betting on different sports and buttons for each important section. From here, you can quickly find and enter your favorite sports. The main way to get in touch with this campaign. You can find out about events and competitions that are coming up.
  • Slider. In the middle of the screen, there is a section with a slider. All of the bonuses and promotions that are going on right now are listed here. If you want to see the event or find out more about it, all you have to do is click on the picture you see, and the screen will automatically take you to the event’s home page.
  • Table with matches. Back in the day, when you swiped down the page, you could see a table with information. This table shows what will happen to Power in the future that is important. You can use these options to switch between games that have already started or other events. Also, there are different kinds of sports.
  • Basement. All of Sky247’s payment options are at the bottom of the page. You can look at the different options and choose the one you like best.

Because Sky247’s gaming software is unique, you won’t be able to find similar apps in the official app store. Because of this, the management team at Sky247 is very worried about the software. Since Sky247 Apk hasn’t added very complicated graphics to its software, its pages will load quickly even if your internet speed isn’t very fast.

Registration via App

You can register on the official website or phone vision app.


Go to the login page of the mobile app side or the official website.


You will see the registration button, click on it.


Then you need to fill in some necessary information, such as phone number, email, password, etc.


Once you have completed the registration, click Finish and you will be able to log in.

How to update SKY247 App ?

You can perform automatic upgrades directly in the Sky247 application:


Open the Sky247 application.

Click on the application and launch it.


Click the Update button.

You will see a notification telling you that a new version of the Sky247 application is available. Simply click the Update button.


Wait for the download to complete.

You will see what percentage of the download is available, so you just need to wait for it to complete. After that, the application will be updated.

You can also upgrade by re-downloading the installation package from our Sky247’s official application website. The procedure is the same.

Login Process in Sky247 App

You need to log in to the Sky247 application before you can start playing. Please follow the steps below.


Open the Sky247 app on your smartphone.


Press the “Login” button at the top of the screen.


Enter your login information. Use the login name and password you specified when you registered your account, or use any other login method.

SKY247 Apk Download – The Benefits and Drawbacks

Any software has good things and disadvantages. The same goes for the Sky247 app. Our application is very convenient. You should also know that it has some shortcomings:

  • You can experience gambling games anytime, anywhere.
  • No need to access other applications.
  • All sports are available, as well as complete site functionality.
  • The battery is quickly depleted, especially while playing online casino games.
  • During maintenance, the site may be unavailable.

The use of money is the most important security concern. Our company has put an SSL certificate on its website to protect everyone’s information and money. Sky247 certificates give all the company’s information a high level of encryption when it fills out forms and makes deposits and withdrawals. The Sky247 App will do everything it can to keep information from getting out.

Sky247 Apk – Bet on Sports

In the Sky247 Mobile App and place bets on sports

There are around 30 sports betting games. Sky247 contains a variety of sports bookmaking games. There are mainstream sports games and specialized sports games. This is possible through the main page’s navigation. Check out their entire list and pick one of your favorite sports. The following are some sports spinach items included in the software:

  • Cricket;
  • Soccer;
  • Basketball;
  • Hockey;
  • Big tennis;
  • Golf;
  • MMA;
  • Table Tennis.

There are a lot of fun sports betting events, and Sky247 has special reports on each one. We have many ways to bet on almost all sports. Like who won the competition, who was the best player, etc.

How to Bet on Cricket With Sky247 App

Certain steps must be taken before you can bet on cricket. It should be known to everyone who plays cricket, which is a betting sport. Instructions on how to do these specific things:

  • Cricket is played on an open field. Complete your authorization on the website first. Then look for the list of sports. Find Cricket in it and enter the main interface.
  • Choose a championship. Cricket is mainly divided into 2 games. One is the league list, and the other is the tournament list. You have to choose one of the big categories to play.
  • Choose a match. After choosing the big category, you want to decide which specific sporting event you want to bet on.
  • Make a prediction. After selecting the betting competition game, you want to play. You will see the odds for this match. Choose your preferred odds and place your bet. After that, you need to fill in the type of bet and the amount of money you want to invest.

After the game, the bonus amount will be worked out automatically in the background. You were right if the game goes the way you thought it would. The bonus will then be added to your account on its own.

SKY247 App Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

Sky247 does give money to people who sign up for the service for the first time by giving a first deposit bonus to them. The bonus can be worth up to INR 5,000 at most. Our site gives you back all the money you bet on the games.
More information about bonuses can be found in the specific description below:

  1. First, if you want to get new user bonuses. You must make the first recharge of more than INR 5000 after successfully registering as a user.
  2. Then you need to play a poker game. The odds for this game must be higher than 3.0. And the game wager must be higher than INR 2500.
  3. After completing the above 2 steps. You will get a bonus of up to INR 5000, and it will be credited to your account immediately. You can use it to play any game.

There are no mandatory wagering requirements for the bonuses you receive. This is a huge advantage of the Sky247 online casino.

Also, the online casino Sky247 App has a great bonus. When the first deposit is more than INR 50,000 and the bonus goes up to 100%. Slot games will give you 100 extra free spins. But this money can’t be taken out right away. If you want to take it out, you have 30 days to do so, and the amount you bet must be 35 times the bonus.

SKY247 App Payment Systems

Payment Systems

The Sky247 app supports most of the payment functions on the market. With your smartphone device, you can make deposits and withdrawals at will. You can open the payment list. After that, you can see various payment services:

  • Bank credit cards;
  • PayTM;
  • GPay;
  • MuchBetter;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Cryptocurrencies.

If you don’t have a big budget. Small amounts of money can then be wagered. You just need to top up your account with at least Rs 100. You can play gambling games happily. When you deposit it is immediately credited. When you withdraw money, it is often based on the bank’s response time, generally no more than 3 hours.

How can I deposit on my SKY247 App account?

On the platform, you’ll find the easiest and safest way to make a deposit, which will let you start betting and playing casino games. Follow these steps to make a deposit with SKY247:

  1. Go to SKY247 official website;
  2. Login to your Sky247 account. If you don’t have any for this time – go to Sky247 official website and complete the registration process.
  3. Click on the deposit button;
  4. Select the payment method you like;
  5. Fill in the amount you want to deposit in a special window.

Congratulations! After the money is added to your gaming account, users can begin playing and making bets.

Replenishment methods and SKY247 App Deposit limits

Payment MethodMinimal DepositMaximum Deposit
AstroPay247 INR 10,000 INR
Bank transfer247 INR 247,000 INR
UPI247 INR 247,000 INR
PhonePe247 INR247,000 INR
Paytm247 INR 247,000 INR
Gpaysafe247 INR 247,000 INR

Terms of Replenishment

Most of the time, people pay more attention to the rules for withdrawing money than to the rules for putting money in. The replenishment process also has its own details. You must first be informed of the minimum deposit amount and put at least this amount into your account. Also, you have to sign up for the site before you can make your first deposit. After that, you can use the rest of the platform’s features. Also, keep in mind that it’s best to choose the same deposit and withdrawal method ahead of time to avoid problems.

SKY247 App – Withdrawal Methods

SKY247 Withdrawal Methods

After a player wins, all they want to know is how they can get their money. There aren’t many ways to get your money out of SKY247, but all of them are safe and have been used by millions of people.

How can I withdraw winnings?

There aren’t a lot of ways to pay that SKY247 will let you use to request a withdrawal. Read the step-by-step instructions below if you don’t know how to cash out on the SKY247 website:

  1. Go to SKY247 official website;
  2. Sign in to your account on Sky247 App. If you don’t have any right now, go to the Sky247 website and fill out the registration form;
  3. Click on the withdraw button;
  4. Choose the way you’d like to pay;
  5. Fill in the amount you want to withdraw in a special window.

We suggest that you use the same method for both putting money in and taking money out.

Withdrawal Methods and SKY247 App Withdrawal limits 

Payment MethodMinimal WithdrawalMaximum Withdrawal
AstroPayNot AvailableNot Available
Bank transfer1,000 INR 700,000 INR
UPINot AvailableNot Available
PhonePeNot AvailableNot Available
PaytmNot AvailableNot Available
GpaysafeNot AvailableNot Available

Terms of Withdrawal and processing time

To be able to withdraw money, pay close attention to all of the options, deadlines, and limits. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve finished all of the steps to verify your account. Also, please keep in mind that if you want to withdraw money, you must enter a number that is greater than 1,000 Indian rupees. When you withdraw money from a certain e-wallet, you may get a special offer or promotion. At the moment, SKY247 India does not charge any extra fees for withdrawals, and the process is very quick. Once you’ve asked for payment, it usually takes 3 business days for SKY247 to send it to you. With an electronic wallet, money can be used right away.

Verification Process

After completing the registration process, the KYC policy requires that you pass verification. This is done to make sure your security. What is the KYC? “KYC” stands for the English phrase “Know Your Customer.” Its goal is to find out who is behind fraud and even terrorist activities. For the safety of their customers, all bookmakers must ask users to show proof of who they are.

You will need to show two documents: one that proves who you are and another that shows where you live. This can be a passport, driver’s license, utility bill, or rental agreement.

When you send in your documents for review, you will have to wait up to 48 hours for SKY247 to let you know if they are okay. Make sure you take photos that can be read to keep you from having trouble reading documents.

Is SKY247 App Download Safe?

Now, security is an issue that comes up a lot with casino brands and bookmakers. It couldn’t be any other way with SKY247. The bookmaker is always coming up with new ideas and using the latest security technology. In addition, to show that it meets security standards, it is certified by The Global Gambling Guidance Group. This certificate shows that the team is serious about gaming in a responsible way.

So SKY247 App India does things its own way. It also has PCI qualifications and quality assurance while keeping bank details. It also makes sure that deposits, payments, and withdrawals are carried out. To transcribe sensitive data, SSL encryption technology is also used.

The Curacao Gaming Authority has given SKY247 a license to offer online casino games and sports betting. To maintain compliance with local regulations, SKY247 bet does not allow players from some regions.

Finally, but certainly not least, the organization makes use of random number generators. This will make your game results pick themselves out of a hat. The company has regular reviews to make sure that the results are good and that the page is being managed well. Users have said that they are happy with how safe SKY247 is, which is why it has been so successful.

The part of the site for people who like poker also has random results and high-quality images. For all customers to be able to play matches, the same conditions must be met.

Sky247 App Customer Support

SKY247 has great customer service. You will be able to get in touch with the SKY247 team through live chat on the website, phone, email, and social networks. The chat service gives help right away. With Enhanced Team Assistance, help is available 24 hours a day, and the average time it takes to find a solution has been cut down to just two minutes. The team at SKY247 Apk has been trained and has the skills to solve your problems.

If you use social networks often, the option to get help through WhatsApp and Telegram is just what you need. On the site, you can ask your question or learn more about the special offer. You can also write down your suggestions or complaints and have the support staff send them to management.

The section for frequently asked questions is easy to get to. This is helpful because customers can quickly get answers to their needs. The level of customization is one of the best on the market, the service staff knows every little thing, and you’ll get a good answer. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the page has already won awards for how well it works.


How many games can I bet on at the same time

At the Sky247 Online Casino, the amount of bets you may place is not limited, and you are free to play and wager on any game you like.

When did the Sky247 app go to market?

This app’s official launch timing has not yet been announced as of the time of this writing. In most cases, this is irrelevant. It is available for download from the website straight to him.

Can I withdraw a portion of my bonus instead of the entire bonus?

The response is not positive. when all of the requirements for the bet have been met. After that, you will be able to withdraw your bonus. It is not possible to cash out a bonus in increments less than the whole amount.

Do I need to register a separate account for the software on the mobile phone?

The response is not positive. The Sky247 account is global, meaning that it may be used on both the internet and the mobile app without any changes.