Sky247 Responsible Gambling

Sky247 offers a wide range of games and entertainment and supports the generation of online gamblers. The goal of Sky247 is to provide the most innovative and the world’s safest gaming platform for adults. Integrity, fairness, and reliability are the guiding principles of Sky247’s work. It is therefore clear that Sky247 should do its best to avoid and reduce the problems, particularly in cases of immoderate playing, which can arise from participation in gambling. At the same time, to a reasonable extent, it is important to respect the rights of those who take part in games as means of entertainment.

Sky247’s Responsible Gaming Message

As far as gambling is concerned, Sky247 is a company dedicated to providing users with top-notch products. The main goal is fun and enjoyment, not stress, lust for victory, or addiction. That is why there are a certain number of rules and restrictions on the platform. By setting certain responsible gambling advice, Sky247 guarantees every player a safe gambling experience.

Players should bet responsibly and Sky247 wants to warn you of the risks involved. Our company takes the matter very seriously. Hence, to avoid this kind of problem we would like to warn bettors and remind them of a few important tips before they start playing for real money.

Self-responsibility is the most sustainable form of prevention

The basic principle promoted by Sky247 is that how much money can be spent on the game should be assumed by the customer himself, and the final decision and responsibility on whether to play or not should be taken by the customer as well.

Therefore, self-responsibility of the customer is the most effective form of protection from addiction. By providing transparent products, full information, and keeping a clear line of conduct, Sky247 sees its responsibility in assisting the customers.

Self-exclusion policy

This policy outlines the commitment of Sky247 to taking a responsible approach to gambling and its potential effects on individuals. Self-exclusion is a formal process whereby individuals can cease to participate in the site. By contacting us by email responsible [email protected] with ‘Self-exclusion’ in the title and include their username, email, mobile number, copy of the document used for KYC, and the reason for account closure or exclusion, individuals can self-exclude.

Sky247 will send confirmation that the instruction has been applied to the individual’s account and shall mark the individual’s record accordingly within 2 working days of receipt of the self-exclusion notification.

The subscription will be cancelled immediately, and any subsequent activity will not be considered, if an individual has gambled in our website, and subsequently sends a self-exclusion notification.

Following self-exclusion notification, an individual will not be entitled to any winnings for which participation has been revoked.

The individual must be given the option to exclude for a specified period of no less than 5 years or permanently.

A customer will be given 24 hours to cool off before being allowed participate, if he/she chooses not to extend their self-exclusion and makes any positive request to begin gambling again following the end of their self-exclusion

No marketing material will be sent to them unless and until they have asked for or agreed to accept such material, irrespective of the expiry of the period of self-exclusion chosen by an individual.

Personal responsibilities

The individual agrees to provide full and accurate personal details, now and in the future, in requesting self-exclusion, so as to ensure we are able to restrict access to our services. We comply with the self-exclusion process, if an individual does choose to self-exclude we will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure.

However, the individual must accept that they have a parallel undertaking not to seek to circumvent the self-exclusion, in agreeing to self-exclude.

Accordingly, if they commence or continue gambling by providing misleading, inaccurate, or incomplete details or otherwise seeking to circumvent the self-exclusion agreed, Sky247 takes no responsibility or liability for any subsequent consequences or losses that an individual may suffer or incur.

Can a player just take a break?

Also, you may choose to simply suspend your account for a smaller period of time (between 24 hours up to 6 weeks) which will be defined by you. You should contact our Responsible Gaming Team by e-mail ([email protected]) to this end, with ‘Time-out’ in the title and include your username, email, mobile number, copy of the document used for KYC, and the reason for account suspension.

Staff Training

Sky247 will address self-exclusion in their induction training and will complete refresher training annually by providing training to staff on their responsibilities for self-exclusion. Through this process, keeping all your information confidential will be complied with at all times by our team.

To determine whether self-excluded players are participating in any gambling activity, Sky247 will use player tracking systems. In order to help them dealing with their situation, clients shall be informed about the several organizations that are available. Please see above for more information about these entities and their respective.

To remove Sky247 from their notifications and delete/uninstall all apps, downloads, and social media links, self-excluded players will be advised. Installing software that blocks access to gambling websites will also be suggested.

Upon expiration of the determined period, removal of the self-exclusion/time-out or involuntary exclusion list will be automatical.

Self-excluded players should be strongly recommended to also seek exclusion from all other gambling operators they have an account with.

Player security

We take responsibility for the security of our players. Protection of the players is based on the protection of privacy, which involves responsible processing of personal data and payments. Fairness and the random nature of the products offered are monitored closely by independent organizations. Marketing communication is also geared towards player protection: we promise only what players can receive in our transparent line.

Measures taken to raise the platform’s responsibility 

To improve our players’ responsible gambling, we might apply the following measures:

  • Full blocking of the account if the user is a minor;
  • Limitation of the financial limits before the start of the game to the amount requested by the user;
  • We also suggest the practice of self-exclusion and cooling off, or, in other words, taking a break between games. At the request of the player, this feature might be also set, and will get implemented by the short-term restriction of access to the platform.

Preventing Addiction

Regarding the impact of gambling on individuals and their environment, Sky247 establishes a number of additional requirements for example:

  • An age limit of at least 18 years old;
  • Ensuring that the bookmaker  is inaccessible to others by setting a password;
  • The availability of specialal software for the protection of children;
  • Possibility of contacting companies that provide psychological and other assistance in matters of gambling addiction.

Please note that once you have read all of this information, Sky247 is no longer liable for any losses and claims that may arise from misuse of the service or violation of the rules.

A Responsible Attitude

In addition to the binding rules, Sky247 provides you with a number of tips that will allow you to prevent the onset of problems related to betting and gambling or minimize them at early stages. These include:

  • Set a goal of playing for fun, not money;
  • Each user must manage his or her personal funds wisely. You should not give every last penny and take into account the current financial situation; 
  • Everyone, without exception, is obliged to maintain risk control and not to take certain actions when one is not sure of the consequences;
  • So as not to miss out on other areas of their life, any bettor must set a time limit on using the platform;
  • One should only gamble if not being sad, stressed, or under pressure;
  • It is strictly forbidden to gamble under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications, or chronic fatigue.

To play safely and healthily, the player must not succumb to total immersion in the world of betting and have control over his/her actions. You can take a free and anonymous test on our platform to find out if you have certain difficulties and how safe your betting is. These questions do not constitute medical diagnosis or counseling.

Below are some questions from the self-assessment test:

  • Feeling unhappy if you don’t play the game;
  • Betting/gambling debts;
  • When losing, a sense of despair remains as well as a need to win back money as quickly as possible;
  • Going off into the betting world to avoid real life;
  • Excuses and telling untrue information if asked questions about betting;
  • Unsuccessful attempts to stop betting in the past;
  • Frequent and unsuccessful attempts to wager large amounts of money;
  • Staying home after work or school to place bets;
  • Betting has begun to replace your friends, family and hobbies;
  • Negative emotions and deterioration of well-being;
  • For the sake of betting, lying, stealing, and cheating.

We recommend you to contact our support service, if you answered positively to any questions, where caring and qualified specialists of Sky247 will give you the necessary help.